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No Reality Exists-Messages claiming that |SBP|
has restricted cash withdrawal limits on ATMs

On Saturday, the State bank of Pakistan declared the social media rumors being false. No directive regarding the
withdrawal of the ATM cash limit has been issued. The message state, “Dear customer, as per State Bank of
Pakistan directions, ATM cash withdrawal limit is restricted to 1000 PKR from 0000 hrs 23 Jan 21 to 0800 hrs 31 Jan 21.”
After the message received by 8832(false number), that cash withdrawal limit is restricted to Rs. 1,000, people started
complaining directly to the state bank of Pakistan. After the claim of social media about receiving messages from a
bank about the restriction of SBP on cash withdrawal, the clarification has been issued by The Central Bank.
SBP commanded to take no notice of such rumors.

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