Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 will have detachable batteries.

Apple’s much-awaited iPhone 16 series opening is still months away. The tech giant has been releasing beta versions of the updates since revealing new features and updates for iOS 18 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).


According to Forbes, there are new rumours circulating that Apple is developing a technique that will make replacing iPhone batteries simpler.


Apple was reportedly working on a new “electrically induced adhesive de-bonding” technology, according to The Information.

The batteries in an iPhone are now attached to the chassis using an adhesive strip, making removal difficult. But batteries would be released after receiving “a small jolt of electricity” thanks to the new bonding method.


The new technology is expected to be included in all of the iPhone 17 models, which will be delivered in 2025, and may be included in at least one iPhone 16 model.


 The new action is compliant with the eco-design laws that the European Union enacted last year. According to the law, changing a smartphone’s battery should be “feasible with no tool, a tool or set of tools that is supplied with the product or spare part, or basic tools.”

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