How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2023: Increase Views and Engagement

It’s difficult to figure out how to maximise your content’s visibility on Instagram’s 2023 algorithm. Here is a detailed guide to all you need to know about the 2023 Instagram algorithm to help break down this task and make your company job simpler.

So, what's new in the Instagram Algorithm 2023?

Any social media platform’s algorithms are constantly changing and evolving. Keeping up with them and being aware of these developments is how you receive the best organic internet growth for your business.

Here are some of the ways the Instagram algorithm update in 2023 will affect your business.

  • Photos Will Be On The Same Footing As Videos– The TikTok takeover popularised short-form videos, and the Instagram algorithm quickly followed suit. However, because photos are regaining popularity, stories and photo posts will receive just as much attention as Instagram reels.
  • New content is where it’s at– Accounts that users are unfamiliar with will appear more frequently on their Instagram explore pages. So, now is the time to develop an organic growth marketing strategy.
  • It’s About Conversations– While views are important, Instagram prefers to promote content that gets people talking. As a result, material that receives shares, comments, and saves will be promoted by the 2023 algorithm.
  • Re-sharing is in the past– The 2023 Instagram algorithm is intended to provide users with a fresh and innovative experience. So forget about reposting or sharing material to help your business develop online.

How can I be noticed by Instagram's algorithm?

The days of Instagram displaying material in the order in which it was uploaded are long gone. Each form of Instagram content (reels, stories, posts, and explore pages) now has its own algorithm. To have a successful account on the platform, you must remain on top of all of them.

Strengthening all of your content is the greatest method to guarantee that your account is viewed and remains relevant. This is how you can do it.

1. Be Original

The new Instagram algorithm for 2023 prioritises original material above re-shared or recycled content. This is excellent for creative social media marketing, as innovative thinking is what drives Instagram social media interaction. Having your own sounds, movies, and photographs is a terrific method to get your Instagram account noticed by the Instagram algorithm.

Keeping this in mind, we all know how important Instagram trends are. While it is important to follow popular trends, having your own creative spin on them is always the best way to go.

2. Consider the Community Guidelines

This one is rather simple. Simply follow the guidelines Instagram has established for all Instagram users in terms of user-generated content and brand content marketing.

Avoid hate speech, political message, offensive information, and even poor quality content. If you do not follow Instagram’s community rules, you may be outright banned or shadow banned.


3. Everything revolves around timing

All great social media marketing agencies, such as The Social Berry, will tell you that posting at a consistent and scheduled time is crucial for beating the Instagram algorithm. It is an excellent method for achieving organic development using simple ways.

This kind of consistency can be tough to maintain, so hiring a Social media marketing firm to assist you would be a terrific method to handle your Instagram marketing campaign efficiently.

4. . Engage, Engage, Engage

The Instagram algorithm selects the stuff it deems most relevant. The level of engagement received by material is one of the most crucial markers of its relevance. This might be engagement from your intended Instagram audience or just general engagement.

So make every effort to increase those numbers. Have excellent Instagram captions that elicit a response in the comments. Maintain an appealing Instagram feed in order to receive compliments. Make your articles more engaging by using polls, quizzes, and other interactive elements. Not only should you strive for views, but also likes, comments, shares, and saves.


Increasing social media engagement is not easy. You should also make an effort to answer to as many people on your account as possible in order to keep clients pleased and attract new ones. A professional social media marketing agency, such as The Social Berry, can help you with this and ensure you have the most organic growth and reach possible.

5. Use Popular Sounds

On Instagram, reels are the latest method to reach out to potential customers. On IGTV, users typically see Instagram reels from accounts they do not yet follow. Any firm that does not use this chance for organic reach is seriously underserved.

To truly attract the attention of their audience, reels must all have noises. Instagram’s 2023 algorithm recognises hot sounds and displays a large amount of material with that sound to people. So get started and utilise all of the newest and most popular sounds in the backdrop of your high-quality IGTV films and shorter reels.

Remember that the sound should be related to the material you’re providing. Otherwise, it will appear as a clumsy, half-hearted attempt to be trendy.

6. Use Hashtags Throughout

Hashtags are a means to tell the algorithm what your content is about so that it can figure out who your target audience is. Hashtags are required if your company intends to leverage social media audience targeting.

7. Analyse everything

Make Google Suite, Instagram Insights, and Google Data Studio your Instagram marketing strategy’s best friends. The Social Berry, a social media marketing business, can assist you in navigating this sophisticated analytics tracking in order to optimise your Instagram content and reap the rewards of a solid Instagram marketing plan.

If organic growth is your goal, analytics is the ideal instrument to help you meet your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Understanding your metrics is a very different ballgame than tracking, so get The Social Berry on board to make your company’s marketing a lot simpler.

Is Your Instagram Up to Date for 2023?

With these suggestions and insights, as well as the assistance of a marketing firm like The Social Berry, you have a great chance of making your company’s Instagram the best it can be. So go for those engagements and organic growth and watch your firm thrive online.

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