Microsoft Edge may introduce a new AI-generated writing feature Tech Blogger

Microsoft Edge may introduce a new AI-generated writing feature Tech Blogger

With a new AI writing function that duplicates existing text and regurgitates the information in a more ‘personal’ tone at the push of a button, Microsoft Edge might radically revolutionize the way we engage with written content on the web.

GPT-4 Powered Text Rewriting: Customize Tone and Format in Microsoft Edge

The GPT-4-powered feature, according to Windows Latest, allows users to select text on a webpage and have it rewritten in the tone and length of their choice. Microsoft Edge’s AI provides selectable tones such as professional, informal, enthusiastic, and informative, as well as format options such as a single paragraph, email, or blog post style.

Because the capability is built into the browser, more people will have easier access to it. This is useful if you need to develop ideas or quickly change the tone.

So far, Microsoft has been testing the functionality with a small set of users in the Canary version of Chromium Edge, so we’ll have to wait and see if it makes its way to Microsoft Edge officially.

It’s not all bad, is it?
I don’t intend to be pessimistic about a feature like this, but we must consider the drawbacks of AI before the pros since once the technology is released, it cannot be reversed.

Microsoft Edge's AI Revolutionizing Blog Writing and Raising Concerns of Plagiarism Detection

Microsoft Edge’s AI could help more people break into blog writing who are concerned about getting their work out there without errors in the prose. It would be beneficial while researching and looking for a springboard for ideas, as well as when writing boring but necessary emails.

However, because the technology is web-integrated and uses material on the web, it will be nearly impossible to determine whether or not a person’s blog email or pitch has been plagiarized and generated by AI. Anyone could feed the tool a site’s copy, make minor changes fast, and pass it off as their own without any of the talent or hard work that goes into authoring their own work.

Microsoft's AI Integration: Balancing Innovation and Potential Consequences

Microsoft’s rush to incorporate artificial intelligence into its own products, especially following the success of Bing AI, may have unintended consequences if it is not careful. We can only hope that if Edge AI writer does appear, it proves me incorrect and remains a writing tool rather than a crutch.

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